Yugioh Bonds Beyond Time

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Paradox then fuses with his new monster and everyone is amazed to see such a gigantic monster. Several scenes from the film were shown at the Yu-Gi-Oh!

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The two Duel Kings say their catchphrases and then Yami says to Yugi that the Duel against Paradox would be the toughest and Yugi responds by saying that they should rise to the challenge. Effect Monsters Marshmallon.

Yami then tells Yusei that no matter which era he is in, his friends will always be supporting him. Effect Monsters Rainbow Dragon newspaper. The following background music is played during the Japanese version of the film.

Yusei's Duel Runner begins glowing with the Crimson Dragon's power. Suddenly, the sky darkens and New Domino City begins to crumble and collapse.

By combining the powers of their key monsters, Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei defeat Paradox, who is destroyed by the attack. The English-language version of the film features an additional ten-minute prologue that recaps the original three television series, made up of clips taken from them. Hundreds die when Paradox attacks Yugi's era.

Paradox then starts his turn. Theatres Showing Yu-Gi-Oh! Jikuu o koeta kizuna original title. The plot of the movie however is like watching an anime adaptation of a fanfiction however still worth watching. Jaden pulls out a computer and uses the Manjome foundation's database to pull up an article, which states that Paradox killed Pegasus, using Stardust and other famous dragons.

Paradox then grins, claiming that these desperate moves change nothing. The losers often pay dearly. After learning about Paradox's actions, Yugi decides to join them. Pegasus is finally able to land and arrive at the event.

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Yugi disagrees, mentioning to Paradox that he had two monsters and now he has none. However, Paradox arrives regardless to the shock of the heroes.

Normal Monsters Elemental Hero Neos. If a Malefic monster destroys one monster, the other monsters are also destroyed. Paradox is destroyed by the attack and is never to be seen again.

Yusei falls to his knees, saying that everything is lost and the future is doomed. At the event, Jaden Summons Yubel and starts to scare the audience so they would flee. Jaden notices his Neos is back and proclaims that right now, all their cards are safe from being destroyed by any alteration already done to time. Afterward, Paradox flees to an earlier point in time. Soon, Yusei and Jaden began to chat on a roof.

Yu-Gi-Oh Bonds Beyond Time

Jaden and Yusei then return to their respective timelines. Yusei then remembers that Paradox gloating about how their era and time would soon be coming to an end.

He promises Jaden and Yugi that he will protect his irreplaceable bonds and future. Bonds Beyond Time English release poster. In the English dub, he also says that the true magic of Duel Monsters isn't in the cards, it's the bonds people forge because of it. Then, virtua cop 2 game sega Yugi is thrown back in time at the same place half an hour earlier.

Yugi also tells Yusei that it's their beliefs in Duel Monsters that allowed the three of them to travel through time and meet, which means there must be a meaning behind it. Polymerization The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh. Paradox then orders it to unleash its fury so that Duel Monsters will perish forever.

Yu-Gi-Oh 3D Bonds Beyond Time

He explains to Yugi and Yusei that he did this to ensure that there was at least a monster on the field by Yugi's turn. Armstrong Tasaku Yusei Fudo. Tuner monsters Junk Synchron.

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Jaden's eyes change color as Yubel appears behind him. Yusei is stunned by this, to which Paradox says that he is not the only one who could Synchro Summon. For anyone whose age has reached double figures, it'll be hard to see this as anything other than a shouty, tacky advert for things you'll never buy. In the English version, Jaden did not believe Yusei, which is why he opened his laptop and discovered that truth. Members of the staff from the different Yu-Gi-Oh television series were involved in the film production.

Jaden tells Yusei not to surrender reminding him that he's traveled through time to get this far. He then explains that he came here because he heard that there were cards missing from his classmates.

Animation Adventure Fantasy. Characters Anime Manga Locations Music. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. He stands up and searches for other survivors. As a result, the Crimson Dragon appears, giving Yusei's Duel Runner the ability to travel through time.

After Paradox takes his mask off and introduces himself, Yugi asks Paradox what kind of person he is. Synchro Monsters Junk Gardna. Written by Anime News Network. Compounding the situation, New Domino City is vanishing. They appeared at the beginning of episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh!