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You know how many off-days I've had in the past five years? Respect is like money and girls, when you chase it it runs from you. You don't accidentally become the best. Wearing her usual casual clothes, we know this girl prefers to be dominant and starts to plant a sloppy French kiss to this lucky guy while jerking his cock. If you're angry, you can show it.

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Slobs with jobs are the people who make sacrifices. Overtly selfish people come right out and say what they want.

That recipe works like a magnet for success. There is no such thing as an accomplished critic and if those morons had a good opinion they would be highly successful, wouldn't they. Just watch how her skills when it comes to giving head to her lover.

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Preaching humility to your betters is the same thing as crying crybaby tears. Instead, you need to attract money.

Thankfully I never leave my house unless it's to go to the gym, the supermarket, or the sushi restaurant. There is no business life balance if you're the best. How do you change your mindset?

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You dipshits need a time machine so you can copy what I write in the future. Anyone who complains about not getting success is a fucking moron.

Dating isn't the best way to do it. Don't chase respect and people will respect you, joel madden and hillary duff dating chase respect and people will despise you. There is business and business is life and that's it. Watch her lovely pussy getting a fix with that thick cock. That's the power of anger.

Palos Verdes Estates residents need a solution to Tony D

When you're relaxing you're losing money. Then it gets nasty as what Tiffany Doll is known of as she presents her gaping hole. It takes every single damn ounce of your energy to build a successful business.

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Self talk is where it starts. Money is just the way we gauge how business is going.

Good businessmen must be martial artists. She asked her guy to pause for a while as she loves how he licks her asshole.

There is no competition if you're ahead of the game. When you cry about oppression you put all of your energy into that loser and none of your energy into success. Time is money, when you waste my time you are stealing money from me. It is such a raunchy sex move from Tiffany Doll, prepping them up for a hard fuck later on.

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It's fine and dandy to be respected. When you don't chase it, it chases you. The ultimate book about changing your mindset to change your life. Leaders don't need approval from customers, leaders create the demand from customers who don't know what they want until they see it. You become the best because you stay awake all night in bed fucking dreaming and plotting about being the best.

Obsession is what separates the best from the rest. Also, go to the goddamn gym. The best are obsessed with their craft.