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Then the Thakur family and all the villagers take the sarcophagus to the temple of Lord Shiva. Hemant decides to follow the Baba along with Sahila on a hunch.

Satish Shah, in a twist of events, metal slug 2 for mobile reaches the Veerana and rescues all of them. They both chase him to the Veerana. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

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Veerana Songs

The witch comes out of the sarcophagus and to her horror finds herself in front of the holy Lord. The woman gets a lift in Sameer's car. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Within some moments, she burns away and gets destroyed by the pure impulse of the Almighty forever. He is scared to see Jasmin's eyes all grey and the girl not moving her eyelids at all.

Then diverting her attention by pretending to be physically intimate with her he snatches the bat locket from her neck. When the man reaches over there, she welcomes him and they both drink and dine together.

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She is impressed by him and asks him to come over at the old mansion located behind the bank of the lake that night for a picnic. Thakur decides to send his daughter Jasmin, for a psychiatric evaluation to his old friend who is a noted psychiatrist. The discussion page may contain suggestions.

He takes her from the haveli to the devil's lair and prepares her for the sacrificial ritual. He goes and sees the body of an unknown guy, the villagers are surrounding him. He manages to send the monster packing and saves Sahila.

Then Hemant and Sahila while discussing the killings with Satish, take out the topic of Baba. While the doctor is driving his car at a breakneck speed through the old village lanes, he takes a wrong turn in confusion, bangs on a tree and stops right in middle of the lonely forest. He is killed when out of the witch's fear he decides to sleep in the factory at night instead of going to the haveli.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His body is found by the police next morning but as no one recognises him, the investigations stop over there.

When asked they say that a woman roaming in the lonely lanes of the forest has done this. Both daughters are sent out of the temple. Under hypnosis, Jasmin recounts the incident in her past and she transforms into a completely different person.

Her voice changes and she threateningly vows to kill everybody from Thakur's family. However, Baba suddenly creeps out from behind a bush, hypnotises the girl, and by cutting a piece of her frock and few strands of her hair makes a doll from it. On the other side, a man attacks Sahila's car and chases after her.

But, by sheer ill luck, Bade Thakur Saab loses his life to grant his daughter happiness and a long survival. Hemant and Sahila get close to each other during the journey and they both reach the Haveli together.

His wife Preeti denies by saying that he should think of his daughter and niece. Sameer renders her weak and helpless by holding a holy Om in front of her. However, murders continue. One evening, Jasmin takes a lift in a drunk man's car and then, after crossing some distance, the witch's spirit kills the man by tearing through his neck. He's very happy on the fact that she ranked first in her inter-mediate examinations.

The sarcophagus is carried inside the temple and Chhote Thakur unlocks it with Hemant's help. They arrive at the old mansion which is located behind the lake in the forest. He follows her trail and is astonished to find himself going off deep inside the forbidden bush path. But they get captured and Sahila discovers that her father Sameer Pratap is alive. Just then they go downstairs and Mahendra Pratap says that he trusts his brother and their ancestors have always helped needy people to get justice.

He also accepts Hemant as his son and family member. The doctor runs away from the house to save his life but is mocked at by the servant man, Raghu while departing from the mansion. By that time, the witch's evil spirit already manages to enter the girl's body.

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She writhes in pain, tries to run away, but loses all her power and falls to the ground. Due to over-intoxication, this man forces himself on Jasmin and they both have a hasty one-night stand. Thakur saab informs Baba that his niece has topped her exams and he's planning to call her to Chandan Nagar to spend her summer vacation at the haveli.

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After some time around midnight, the man gains consciousness and wakes up. She tends to be moody and lost in her own world, making her father worry all the time. In a huff, the doctor shuns Raghu and leaves from the Haveli as Jasmin looks at him with a strange victorious smile on her face standing in the balcony. The priest says that his blood and flesh will give life to Nakita. Thakur firstly refuses to believe the doctor, but when he hears the recording recorded by the doctor, he believes him when he informs about his daughter being possessed.

The lady transforms into the hideous witch Nakita that she really is. One night, Sahila decides to sleep with Jasmin in their old bedroom and she suddenly notices something very strange and frightening in her elder sister and informs her uncle and Hemant. The body would be of Thakur Mahendra Pratap's daughter.

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Jasmin is saved by making the witch leave her body by destroying the bottle containing her voodoo doll. The tantric informs Mahendra's family about the death of his brother due to a violent storm in the forest and informs that Sameer's dead body drifted away in the river and could not be recovered. She later turned into a bat and attacked him on the face. Jasmin gets out of the car in the hypnotised state of mind and walks over to the shrine. On the other side, the girl walks inside the devil's lair and comes to a standstill in front of the witch's tomb.