Vasco Da Gama 4 Hdpro

Im einfachen Kartenmodus konnten keine dynamischen Bilder geladen werden. The completely revised timeline allows you to track all objects, texts and route lines where they occur.

When creating long DirectShow videos, kaspersky antivirus xp it could happen that the VdG interface would become unresponsive. This is a real highlight especially if you present your travel route animations. It was not possible to create GeoTiff files when certain Unicode characters were used.

Card name limited so that texts do not exceed the edge of the window. Not all values for the first point of the camera were displayed correctly when switching to camera mode. National parks were not displayed on the map. When using line objects, the program can fall into an infinite loop that will prevent any further work.

When setting or deleting camera points, the scroll bar for the mini preview was not recalculated. Flaming or offending other users. Italian-language user interface integrated. With the camera settings it could happen in manual camera mode that further route points could be set unintentionally. Small bug in calculating the distance splines.

The head object is now displayed correctly at the starting point with hold time. This switch is only displayed for objects that support this new feature. It was not possible to set a sun position. When switching from EasyAssist to Expert mode, the route line was no longer displayed when a waypoint was turned into a breakpoint.


MAGIX Support

Revised colors for the user interface to highlight important buttons. Object setting at the end of a route was incorrect. Simple map mode to create flat maps quickly. Buttons for the setting of sun position were not re-activated if once deactivated.

Small texts were missing in the French and Italian translations. Travel from Berlin to San Francisco. Wetlands were not displayed on the map.

It was always possible to see all waypoints, even if they were not part of the current stage. Did you pass by the Brandenburg Gate during your ride to the airport? By using acceleration and deceleration, it could have happened that the previous segment had moved too quickly.

Italian guide can now also be directly opened from within the program. CheckObjektIds after loading the project file to show the correct data for newer object packages. Head objects were partially shown too early before the actual fade-in when, previously, there were no head objects on the route. Please notice that you download the appropriate update for your product. Graphics card was not detected correctly, thus the route line was not drawn depending on the graphics card.

When using several routes, it is possible that hidden head objects have covered other objects, leading to an incorrect view. Sometimes in camera mode, a header object was repeatedly reset to an incorrect position. When you add your own maps, the map cache is now cleared automatically. Colored elevation and relief calculation did not work in Mercator mode.

Advertisements or commercial links. Some textures for navigating the globe were missing in the ultimate version.

String handler completely revised and improved. Map data was out of focus. Arrow switch for line width and height was sometimes not analyzed. Marginal areas may be filled with the color of your choice. When loading projects the limit was not displayed in some cases.

Vasco da gama 4 hdpro

Vasco da Gama is high-resolution animation software that allows you to capture and follow your unique travel experiences in detail. Vasco da Gama takes care of the rest and places the structure in its actual location in your animation. It is mandatory to terminate Vasco da Gama before starting the patch! The current object will now always be displayed at the waypoint.

Publisher s Description

Maps from a crashed project were not loaded correctly. The aspect ratio of maps from the start screen was not being recalculated.

Under certain circumstances, the moon display was unattractively dismembered on the page edges. As you will see, there are almost no limits to the digital presentation of your trips, both in the past and in the future. Creating complex route animations - easier than ever. Some details of the maps were not displayed correctly and were covered by other elements.


Whether automatic, manual, static, or simple, you can enjoy the virtual ride to the airport from every angle. Some of the flags were not being displayed correctly, depending on the chosen view. EasyAssist, the route line could not be switched off.

Revised start screen, so that even with faulty Internet connection, the program starts. Crashes could occur in rare cases, because memory was released twice FreeStdButton. Under certain circumstances, the camera position could not be adopted correctly during manual camera movements. In rare cases, the system would crash when rendering railway tracks.

An additional button for the Undo function was added. When pasting the camera view, the mini-preview was not updated.

Object setting improved at break points. In some cases it could happen that head objects move a bit jerky in forward motion. City names and borders could not be displayed properly after adjusting maps to fit. Header objects sometimes did not adopt the changed settings.

Route line was partly drawn far above the ground when two line objects were used. The shadows of hidden objects were not being hidden correctly on the route.

Vasco da gama 4 hdpro