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Jomo, who had been incessantly nudged by his blood relations in the larger Kenyatta family to finally settle down, took paternity leave from State House following the birth of the twins. When none of us is happy with the election result?

Before Anne and Hannigan, Jomo dated Valentine Njoroge, grupo de pertenencia yahoo dating a radio presenter and newspaper sex columnist who has a son for him. These are people that I have known for over two years. How do we heal the wounds after words have been exchanged and footage of violence has chilled us to the bone? All this has led me to question just what my tribe means to me. This scenario got me thinking about couples and other families that are inter-tribal and what they were going through.

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Tribe is like seasoning, it adds layers to the individual but it is not the whole meal. For the other days, am just a Kenyan woman trying to leave her mark on the world.

People should find something better to do with their lives. We pooled all our resources together, cooked together, drank together, huddled in one room to sleep together and basically took care of each other.

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During the live tour of American musician Rick Ross at the Carnivore, Jomo took up a whole tent for his friends, with Hannigan by his side. And whether you are married to Taita, a Luyhia or a Kamba, you know that you chose that person because they were the only person that you could have spent the rest of your life with. People will always have their opinions and assumptions but no one has ever reached out to me before writing a story. What tribe are these people? Unlike most of my Nairobi counterparts I read, write and speak the language so I always thought I was a proud Kikuyu.

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