Toshiba E-studio 160 Service Manual

Place the original s on the original feed tray or the glass. Misfeed in copier Close side cover of Large-Capacity- Feeder. Since the drum is grounded, the electric charge escapes.

Be careful handling the wires. Misfeed in finisher Close bridge cover. When making copies using department codes, the copy quantity is stored for each individual department code. Be sure to turn off the digital multi function system before removing the jammed staples. Detach the relay connector.

Enter a department code and press the key. Note This copying mode requires the optional automatic duplexing unit optional to be installed. Close the covers properly. Exposure Lamp Control This ultraviolet ray converts the fluorescer into the visible light.

Toshiba e-studio 160 Operator s Manual For Copying Functions

Pull out the staple cartridge. Turn the staple cartridge upside down.

In this mode, when a regular-sized original is loaded for copying, the digital multi function system detects the original size automatically and selects a same paper size as the original size. Page One scan is completed by completion of steps A to C. When any of the following is generated on the copy, clean the transfer charger wire. Recalling a Stored Combination of Copy Modes Press the key on the control panel while in the initial screen for copying. In this way you get the full value of the toner.

Be sure not to touch the contact part of the drum cleaning blade and drum. Is the front cover firmly closed?

After removing all paper, close the offset tray cover or job separator cover if installed. Message Display Panel Displays the digital multi function system conditions, operating procedures, and various instructions and information to the user in text and graphics. By selecting various copy modes, you can alter the number and type of copies to be made.

Size and density of originals. Cleaning roller bushing Spring Fig. Misfeed in copier Close side cover of the copier.

Blink Toner empty Close front cover. The drum is ready for the next copy. Vertical placement The first side and second side should be placed in the same direction top to bottom. Press the two blue levers. Page Pull out the seal holding the staples straight.

Two Letter size originals placed side by side on the glass can also be copied onto two separate sheets of paper. Clearing the Super Energy Saver mode Press the key.

One scan is carried out on one plane of the polygonal mirror. Press the key on the control panel while in the initial screen for copying.

Page The cleaner paddle and toner recovery auger turn as the rotation of the drum is transmitted to them through each gear. Key in the desired copy quantity sets using the numeric keys. Fuser front cover Knob Fig. When the digital multi function system is controlled using the department code, a different screen is display. All warranties, conditions and other terms implied by law are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded and no such implied warranties are given or apply in relation to the Products.

Paper Misfeeds in the Automatic Duplexing Unit optional Make sure that the stack feed bypass is opened if installed. Front cover Side cover Fig. Tray Lift Shaft The driving force of the main motor is transmitted to the clutch through each gear of the main drive gear assembly.

Toshiba e-studio 160 service manualToshiba e-studio 160 service manual

Preface User Safety This Toshiba digital multi function system does not produce laser radiation hazardous to the user. If you want to increase the default setting, contact your authorized Toshiba dealer. In the manual mode, mp4 porn videos the user can produce lighter or darker copies.

Toshiba e-studio 160 service manual

When the optional Stapler kit is installed When sets of copies are inserted aligned to the guide, they will be stapled automatically. The stapling direction varies depending on the orientation of the sets. Press the key to enter the program menu. Screw Drum drive shaft Fig. Screw Scanner stay L Screw Fig.

Coverage of originals printing image ratio of the original size and density of original background. Optional cassette or Stack Feed Bypass is required. Bypass copying is not possible in the offset mode. Lifting the blue lever, pull out any misfed paper. Housing assembly Screw Fig.

Toshiba e-studio 160 service manual


Toshiba e-studio 160 service manualToshiba e-studio 160 service manual

For these types of originals, use the manual paper selection. Do not touch the main charger wire with your fingers.