The Cartel 2

Was this review helpful to you? The Cartel is a hell of a character study surrounding two men who both live to spite one another.

This isn't Dostoevsky, but it for sure for shit ain't Clancy. Buy yourself and your friends a Christmas present you will never forget.

Inspired by true events, This is the story of the most notorious drug kingpin the world had ever seen. Perhaps, Leonardo Di Capro will star. The disturbing violence is very real. He no longer is altruistic. It's devastating, but it's important.

The cartel 2

El cartel 2 - La guerra total

So, you don't spend too much time rooting for anyone in the novel. The rhythm becomes tiresome. The story is fictional but rings true because it's based on real cartels, e.

El Cartel de los Sapos 2 Capitulos - El cartel TV

Most of the journalists who wrote the true stories this book series is based on were also murdered in real life. In other words, lazy bullshit writing.

But while both men are set on destroying one another, neither of them is prepared to face the cruel and sadistic ways that the drug war has evolved. Anyway, it is a total history. It just didn't pack the punch that I was expecting. How could a hunt for the drug lords be carried out when corrupt officials were bagging half a million dollars a month? The plot moves well throughout the novel but there's no sense of everything being shaped around a story point or a central character flaw that get resolved.

Knock them out elsewhere and local government topples. Another part of the story is how ultimately ineffective every attempt to contain the violence was. Mexican strength derives from their ability to suffer loss. One involves two Colombian women, aunt and niece, who work packaging drugs. Wholesale massacres became commonplace.

Lava del todo mi delito, limpia mi pecado. None of them are given any particular depth or shading, though many get dope nicknames. Eckel rated it really liked it.

Then Barrera gets out, determined to rebuild the empire that Keller shattered. They did, but it's not as outstanding as the first season. Yet, if there is any self-reflection here, it disappears quite quickly.

There were areas like Juarez where any police officer who did not support one cartel or the other was literally torn apart. It's was easier to hate the cartel and the drug runners that travel through our communities with the veil of ignorance. At the same time, much of what happens in The Cartel is based on true events, wassup com so that I spent a lot of time doing outside research to separate the hard facts from the pure drama.

Winslow creates one character in a particularly contrived fashion. In fact, I would often horrify my girlfriend when I would tell her about the awful torture scenes. Wars are ugly and messy, especially this one, as the cartels vie for dominance and Keller is caught in the middle.

The depth of detail in the plot, the characters, and the descriptions is mind boggling. The worst part of searing daily violence for years is people begin to accommodate themselves to it, adjust their work routines and family life to it, even if their nights are wakeful with nightmares.

This is not historical fiction, though some real personages and organizations are present. So, once marijuana becomes actually legal and starts to grow more in the United States and there's no problem getting it across the border up from Mexico, there will be other products. Perhaps this will be further developed in a future season. They are busy trying to get each other's men killed. Given the history and complicity at times of several U.

All of this is somewhat difficult to follow as it involves mostly new characters whose connections with known characters is unclear. And that is the existence of a powerful syndicate who are everywhere, know everything, and control everything that happens in Colombia. They're wrong, Keller thinks.

This season is not as riotously funny as the first. The exploits of the notorious drug lord, Pablo Escobar. This book is like a hammer pounding iron on an anvil. They say that love conquers all. It seemed like he was getting dangerously close to telling things exactly as they happened.

The cartel 2

John Powers of Fresh Air, gave a review that captured the essence of the book and recognized Winslow's multiple talents as both a reporter and a writer. One of the easiest five stars I've ever given to a book. Rather, it feels overwhelming. This has been said before, and honestly, it is getting to be a wearisome way of sounding informed without telling us anything at all. Based in part on real historical events, the book tells the story of the clashes between the different cartels, each wanting to control the plazas, or the border accesses to the U.

Instead of a novel, this felt like reading a list of things that happened. Like a Ken Burns film, the novel offers a sweep through history.

Now everyone is at war with each other, and the crosses, double crosses, and triple crosses come so fast that the only twist in The Cartel is when someone is actually loyal. Open Preview See a Problem? Of course, when they die, they are also sexually brutalized.

The cartel 2

If you're not interested in drug trafficking wars, you will not enjoy this novel. Overall this was an enjoyable and interesting book and a satisfying conclusion to this saga. It is so close to home, but few in America talk about what has happened just south of our border and how quick and ruthless the descent into savagery became.

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