Sweet Surrender Maya Banks Ebook

Gray was alright but I had some issues with how he handled things, especially later in the story when he could have told her the truth yet didn't. Thankfully, Faith wasn't overly broken up about it. Faith longs for a more dominant man in her life, but she isn't a pushover by any means.

This was a decently enjoyable story. Gray takes some leave from his job in order to help his late partner's father, Mick, investigate his murder since the police force isn't getting anywhere.

The hero, Gray, is a Dallas cop whose partner has been killed in the line of duty. We follow Faith on her journey to try and find what she is craving in her personal life and clearly not finding in the men she has dated in the past.

Both have some issues they had to work on, but watching them build their relationship was a wonderful thing to read. They find out that the suspect is hanging around with a woman and that woman has a daughter Faith she mooches money off of when she's in need.

Had I paid a trade paperback price for this, I would have been out of my mind with disappointment. Could he be what she's looking for? And throughout it all a thread of heat sizzles just underneath every single scene.

Sweet surrender maya banks ebook

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Quotes from Sweet Surrender. Disappointing as I love Maya Banks, but I just can't hack these books. And since this is Maya Banks, the sex must be prominent on the story. Maya Banks is an amazing author and has always kept me enthralled and turning the page. You better not ruin Damon, Banks!

Again, I can see how Faith sees this man as her protector and provider. There's a lot of play-by-play where she tells us what cocks are doing to body parts and a major lack of emotion and reaction. His mark is the boss's daughter Faith, whose derelict mother is assumed to be cavorting with the murderer. Alpha males that are stereotypically dominant are generally okay in my book as long as they are decent human beings aside from their dominant behaviour in the bedroom.

Sweet Surrender by Maya Banks (ebook)

She has a job she loves working for her adoptive father's P. She has been making efforts to separate herself from contact with her mother. The pull between these two is off the charts. Yep, I liked the first half that much. Don't get me wrong - I like my book porn.

Sweet surrender maya banks ebook

Gray is a cop that is grieving over his dead partner that was murdered. He's kind of an asshole - and a judgmental one, too.

Sweet Surrender

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Fate works in mysterious ways. Maybe if Faith and Gray had developed their relationship further, it would have made more sense.

Unfortunately, he came around too late. The diversity of personalities is a wonderful change.

Sweet Surrender (Sweet 1) by Maya Banks

Faith is a sweet and kind woman who is disappointed and unsatisfied with the relationships in which she has found herself. There was a slow, sweet seduction that kept me eagerly awaiting the next interlude between the feisty yet shy Faith and the tough and determined Gray. Faith is sweet and feminine, everything Gray wants and desires in a woman, itunes gift card generator mac but he suspects she's playing games. Sweet Surrender is a book about the relationship between Faith and Gray. She's willing to surrender to the right man.

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The book was filled with passion, suspence and steamy romance. Can Maxim protect her from the malevolence that threatens her? There are several hotties sex club owner Damon and fellow security agents Connor, Nathan, and Micah that I hope to see as lead characters in future books in the series, especially yummy Dom Micah. The heroine had a brother and a few friends that I could also see as having their own stories told I hope! Hmm super attractive right?

Gray definitly knows what a woman wants and how to make her heart swell. God, she made it sound like an endangered species. He kicks out the Dom working Faith over and takes over.

He orders Taliesan McHugh to agree to a marriage that will ensure the king maintains control of the coveted McHugh fortress. Well, it wouldn't hurt to read up on it. The whole thing with Micah felt icky and creepy too. Confident and commanding, he could take charge of any room. It just so happens that all his life Gray has been looking for a girl with Faith's wants, but every other girl he's tried it with has turned out to be only half willing.

Just who is Alessia Demachi? Wicked submissive of her, amirite? There are moments in real life when some of the more explosive sex scenes from this book could be erotic for some people. You're just playing games.

Where did that even come from? Say My Name takes you to the edge and then pushes you over. But some women enjoy reading about sexist alphaholes, even if they'd never date one, so if that's your thing, pull up a seat. It was great getting to see Nikki and Damien again. In a storm of hunger and need, Katie and Rill forget themselves and the world.

Sweet surrender maya banks ebook