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So dont want to use copy, cut and paste function. English - Hindi Dictionary download. Review Sections Review Specs.

Can anyone tell me if there is any real difference? The edit-tracking feature in Writer, for instance, lies within the Edit menu, while Word tucks it under Tools. Instead, you have to build each chart manually, which is a major pain. At least I got the beta to load - eventually - this new piece of junk I've just downloaded won't even get me that far.

Office can read and write in. And Linux is left out in the cold again. And you can embed objects, such as video clips, into a presentation slide. For example, StarOffice barely makes use of the Web and ignores businesses that rely on workgroup collaboration.

It is, of course, completely different than. However, this tool couldn't be less intuitive, and the Help file offers scant guidance. As with previous versions, Calc lacks Excel's strong collaborative features, especially those that rely on the Web. For one thing, StarOffice offers traditional technical support, via telephone or email calls or email, unlike OpenOffice.

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Also StarOffice's mind-reading WordCompletion feature finishes words for you as you type the first few letters. Newer Post Older Post Home. Yes, it is a huge company and has made some people very rich but that is no reason to spew venom all over the place. Anything that steals a few more Dollars or pounds, or whatever other currency they choose from Microsoft can only be good in my book.

If you regularly require help, Sun offers package pricing for support incidents, but the details are still unclear. The best electric scooters, e-bikes and rideable tech we've tested. Impress opens easily and plays PowerPoint presentations, complete with all formatting and transitions.

Unlike PowerPoint, Impress lacks a slick wizard to help you pack up all the files your presentation links to and distribute them to others. Surround my life Google as soon as possible pls. Send your tips to gostips gmail.

If StarOffice had been available on Google for free at the time, I would have downloaded it instead. Check it out if you really don't want to pay for Sun's suite. Nice, effective, bullshit of a rant. For a single-user system, StarOffice is a breeze to install.

Get MetadataFox and take it for a spin to see what it can actually do for you! Hi Ionut Alex Chitu, I am bit surprised that such propritary package being given out free. Vector graphics editors Word processors. Alas, Writer still lacks a macro recorder. The free ride has officially ended.

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StarOffice's second-tier applications include a presentation manager and a drawing application. Star Office offers versions only for Windows, Linux and Solaris. For most text tasks, Writer meets Word and WordPerfect head-on. So there's no way you can get Star Office for Mac. Compatibility forget about it.

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But you can try OpenOffice for Mac. StarOffice even plants an icon in the Windows Taskbar system tray for one-click access to the suite's applications. Google is really trying to gain more friends on the desktop space. Now i don't want to read or listen about this star office.

The setup process takes a while, though. In any case, experienced Word users will need time to adapt to Writer's interface.

Additional info on staroffice. Sun used a per-person license for StarOffice, s janaki tamil songs compared to the per-device licenses used for most other proprietary software.

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Redirected from Starsuite. Calc also includes a Create Scenario builder, similar to the one in Excel, that creates multiple tables in which you can tweak your data to generate and compare what-if scenarios. Network requests diagram Name. Cheap, lazy people like me. The best thing I've tried this year.

You'll have to search through menu options to find the tools you need. Please type your message and try again. And those that aren't would already be aware of StarOffice. Since Microsoft Office file formats rule, StarOffice faces a huge compatibility problem.

My software You have not saved any software. Installer screen came up and chugged along merrily, then died and backtracked, leaving me with an obscure message which I couldn't even be bothered to write down. NeoOffice, a free and open-source Macintosh office suite based on OpenOffice. Let's see how these applications compare to their Microsoft Office counterparts.

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Similarly rated websites m. Cool, google's essentials pack is getting better and better all the time.

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These extras are available for OpenOffice. The performance junkie's hot hatch. The best and worst photo-book-making sites for you. Network requests diagram staroffice.

One more reason to get a Mac, I guess! Word's AutoText feature is primitive by comparison. Does anyone know what to do? StarSuite was the version of StarOffice with Asian language localization. Especially since my laptop was bundled with Microsoft Works, what two should I get rid off?

The link that is given at the google web site is connected directly to web site of Star office. If I click okay everything in the file is lost? Seems like we are missing something.