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What I'd rather like is either a horizontal scroll bar to appear or somehow send the output to less. It supports all character sets and language settings available in the Oracle Database. Install alien package so you can install rpm packages by typing following command in terminal. The sub-directory structure enables multiple versions of Instant Client to be available. If you alter any variables, this script can be run to restore the original values.

For example, to set environment variables in Windows using System Properties, open System from the Control Panel, click the Advanced tab and then click Environment Variables. It makes copy and paste of text easier. There is no option to paste copied text with a right-mouseclick though you can highlight-right-click to re-run a command.

First, set up a folder for files. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Where n is the number of whole minutes of idle time before the session times out.

Rename your new style sheet to iplus. As aditional dependency, I did include libaio. Try if this would help you any better. The problem is that it litters the file afiedt. Whilst this may theoretically answer the question, it would be preferable to include the essential parts of the answer here, and provide the link for reference.

The following steps essentially describe how to customise cmd windows. This article summarizes some tips you may find useful in using the console version.

For instance, in bash you would paste a lot of lines at once on a fairly fast connection to the terminal to see jumbled lines. The following are commonly used environment variables that affect the behavior of Sqlplus, which can also be set in Windows registry.

To connect to a database you must specify the database using an Oracle Net connection identifier. You can replace the default style sheet with your own style sheet. Again, you can make it bigger without taking up too much of your desktop.

SQLPlus setup on UNIX

SQLPlus setup on UNIX

Setting up SQL Plus on Windows

Clear the Execute checkbox to change the action performed on the selected file. The default application is Windows Notepad.

The reason you want the Sqlplus screen as wide as you feel comfortable is so that you'll have less cluster in the query output. One strength of the character mode sqlplus. It is not enough to force sqlplus not to wrap lines. And i do not know the username and password. It helped me get the installation completed, computer basics video tutorial especially the part about installing the lib.

Another good feature is that you can set console window title with command such as title yong testdb. Under Font, choose a small font but not too small to your vision. Click the New Type button. The lines are still written to the spool file.

The default action is Execute, the alternative is Load. This is useful if you want to reset system variables after running a report that alters them. In Properties window for this shortcut, go to Colors tab. Obviously the console Window title or the label on the minimized tab won't automagically show the same string.

The server's details will appear in the following text boxes. Select Proxies from the Advanced category. If you want to use a different file extension, type a period at the end of the file name, followed by the extension.

It defines the time a session can be idle before it is expired. When making changes to configuration files parse the httpd.

This should not happen if linesize is large enough. Open a Windows Command Prompt. It connects to existing remote Oracle databases, but does not include its own database. It is recommended that you do not delete the default style sheet, but rename it so that you can revert to it if necessary.

How to Setup Sqlplus for Most Efficient Use on Windows

SQL Plus Instant Client

If you really prefer to see one data row shown on one row, the preferred tool is Toad or any one under Toad Alternatives. If you think too many environment variables should be set, put them in a batch file and call the file on this command instead. You will now have a blank-looking icon with a helpful label under it. On my inch monitor using point Lucida Console font, I can get in screen width.

Setting up SQL Plus on Windows

You can probably go smaller than the default size and get more on the screen without losing legibility. It is not recommended to grant world write permission to the file except for temporary testing or tracing purposes. It should not be set so small that users do not get a chance to enter their scripts. If one or both of them are already in there, change or delete them.

Set Oracle globalization variables required for your locale. You even can run this file automatically if you start sqlplus. The log directory has owner write permissions. The directional keys simply scroll up or across the screen, rather than retrieving previous commands or navigating in the current record. So you may consider setting it in Control Panel as a system-wide variable.

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