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The Grosvenor Hotel, pictured here was a fine hotel. What a fine looking cake it was. Absent from the photo are the parents of the bride and other guests, so those that are in the photo I will refer to as the main wedding party. Two operations were not successful in stopping the advance of the disease. They also did the same thing to get a cake and other food for the reception.

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Dear Mr Gilbert, I enclose a copy of your marriage certificate. Other forms of make-up also suffered, but inspired ingenious solutions. Darning thread was widely available and un-rationed. Instead cakes were often made of decorated cardboard with just a small real cake inside, or forming part of it, or a completely real cake of a very small size.

On the day my parents were married in the church the weather was fine and sunny but somewhat windy. She was also brought to life in government-backed animation films to promote home sewing, along with helpful scissors, thimbles, and cotton reels. The hotel was de-requisitioned by the government in and after some renovation was returned to its former glory as a fancy hotel. When the war broke out Ruth was hired as a temporary Civil Servant and worked in a secretarial capacity for the goverments war effort. Although the men most often appeared at the wedding in their military uniforms, the ladies had a far more challenging task.

They had tea and wedding cake for desert. What a lovely group they made and arranging for all those fancy dresses and bouquets must have quite a challenge. May God bless you both in every way. Dot had to carry an identity card and certain areas such as Hastings and Gravesend could not be travelled to.

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Long ration lineups such as the one shown below on York Road, Tunbridge Wells in were common. Thousands of men like these assembled in Tunbridge Wells awaiting orders to move to the south coast and then to France and elsewhere. All but one my relatives mostly second cousins, none of which have the surname of Gilbert live in England and some still live in Tunbridge Wells. During the war people were encouraged to raise chickens in their yard for meat end eggs, an also encouraged to grow fruits and vegetables and raise rabbits.

The first image of the hotel was taken about and comes from a book about Morecambe. If this could not be accomplished then like so many women did, the lady had to get married in their best dress or suit or borrow a wedding gown. Darning was a vital skill to give clothes a long life. If there are any articles you wish to keep for your records feel free to copy them. He could have used a comb to fluff it up a bit.

Rationing was so severe that most brides could not have a fancy multi-tiered wedding cake made. The groom had a friend who worked as a chef at the Spa Hotel and he was able to get hold of enough sugar to make a two tiered wedding cake with angels decorating the top. In anticipation of asking Ruth for her hand in marriage my father carved a wedding ring with a penknife out of a piece of aluminum from a fallen German airplane.

After this was accomplished she travelled by train to Toronto where her very anxious husband was waiting to greet her. It will be rather exciting going to Canada and in some ways I envy your opportunity. Ruth and Douglas used to walk along the promenade shown arm in arm. This hotel was not far from the church where the wedding took place.

Transportation was normally organized by assembling automobiles of friends and family if they even had a motorcar. Sandford of Heysham and they were taken at his portrait studio in Heysham just before the marriage.

Dressing gowns, blouses and underwear were just some of the garments that were made from these maps. It was indeed, according to my mum, an event that required a great deal of effort to pull off with any degree of success. My father said he never used the ring for he was able to buy a better one to give to Ruth on their wedding day. Rationing forced people to be painfully mathematic in how they spent their limited supply of clothing coupons - and to find shrewd ways to avoid doing so.

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Although my greatgrandfather of Tunbridge Wells had three sons and four daughters I am the only surviving descendent with the surname of Gilbert. Another clear memory is of the German bomber planes being chased away from London and as they flew back to the coast, dumping their bombs, shreya ghoshal dating rahul vaidya a fair number of which fell on Tunbridge Wells.

Beetroot juice to stain the lips was a substitute for lipstick. Most wool was rationed but some was available off-ration.

The dress was a white nightgown, thankfully lace was not rationed so the dress was covered with it. The photograph of the cake was sent by Ruth to Douglas before the wedding and on the back of the photo is this charming note.

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My aunt recently confirmed that my mum bought the coronet but borrowed the dress and veil and so she obviously returned it to the lady she borrowed it from shortly after the wedding. The portions were small, expecially the roast beef, so my mum said, but they enjoyed it all the same.

He opened the compartment door and asked if he could join them. He spent the remainder of the war in London with the Canadian Postal Corp and although travel was difficult Ruth would from time to time take the train to London to see him.

Ruth and Douglas had a very happy marriage and the stories they told me about their experiences in England are well fixed in my mind. The drastic reduction in cosmetic manufacture to spare raw materials for the war effort became a problem and women had to be sparing in their use of the limited make-up produced. As people got used to wearing the same clothes for long periods of time, women often crafted their own accessories to refresh or smarten up an outfit. See the vintage postcards and photographs.

During the period of to my father would use his time on leave to visit Ruth and of course they constantly exchanged letters and photographs. Given away by her father, the bride was attired in a gown of white satin with a veil held in place by a coronet of orange blossom. Ruth and her sister would often go to Morecambe to see the pictures. Families pooled their coupons, refashioned dresses from other family members, or made imaginative use of fabrics which were not subject to clothes rationing.

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Ruth obviously found that she had not saved up enough ration coupons to buy a three tier cake. The label also says that R. Hand knitting was a very popular pastime during the Second World War. Many wartime handknitted items, like underwear, may seem unappealing to modern tastes but these items were warm, hardwearing, and saved on precious coupons.

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People got creative across the country out of necessity, finding ways to make and care for clothes - and forge their own wartime style. The certificate was witnessed by Kenneth E.