Python 3.2

The built-in function len returns the number of items in a mapping. The previously deprecated string. This renders the meaning of the program undefined. As a consequence, the global variables it needs to access including other modules may already have been deleted or set to None.

Python numbers are of course strongly related to mathematical numbers, eset nod32 antivirus for but subject to the limitations of numerical representation in computers. The datetime module now has an auxiliary implementation in pure Python. The ast module has a wonderful a general-purpose tool for safely evaluating expression strings using the Python literal syntax.

Support for secure connections through both implicit using nntplib. The most derived metaclass is one which is a subtype of all of these candidate metaclasses. Code for creating and managing concurrency is being collected in a new top-level namespace, concurrent. If defined as a normal instance method, this method is implicitly converted to a class method.

Python 3.3.2

The class body is executed in a new namespace and the class name is bound locally to the result of type name, bases, namespace. Static method objects are not themselves callable, although the objects they wrap usually are. When the function executes a return statement or falls off the end, a StopIteration exception is raised and the iterator will have reached the end of the set of values to be returned. Exit the runtime context related to this object. In addition, range objects now support slicing and negative indices, even with values larger than sys.

This is part of an effort to make more objects fully implement the collections. For more information on context managers, see Context Manager Types. The parameters describe the exception that caused the context to be exited. Also see the Deprecated aliases section in the unittest documentation. It also has a peek method and supports unseekable as well as zero-padded file objects.

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Missing or out-of-bounds indices are handled in a manner consistent with regular slices. Mixed type comparisons are now fully supported so that Decimal objects can be directly compared with float and fractions.

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Do not depend on immediate finalization of objects when they become unreachable so you should always close files explicitly. Called when the instance is about to be destroyed. The archive filename needs to be specified with a full pathname. Experimentation at the interactive prompt is now easier because the unittest.

The tuple may be empty, in such case the original base is ignored. Instance Binding If binding to an object instance, a. If no configuration is set-up before a logging event occurs, there is now a default configuration using a StreamHandler directed to sys. This method takes a single integer argument length and computes information about the slice that the slice object would describe if applied to a sequence of length items.

Raises the specified exception in the coroutine. Asynchronous iterators can be used in an async for statement.

Coroutine objects returned from async def functions are awaitable. To support a more flexible style, the module now offers logging. The Timsort algorithm used in list. Regular attribute dot-notation is used to get and set such attributes. It is possible for a reference cycle to prevent the reference count of an object from going to zero.

This is also called a finalizer or improperly a destructor. The new filter option replaces the older, less flexible exclude parameter which is now deprecated.

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Otherwise, the exception is raised at the suspension point. There is a new and slightly mind-blowing tool ContextDecorator that is helpful for creating a context manager that does double duty as a function decorator.

The remaining arguments are those passed to the object constructor expression the call to the class. See also Documentation for the gc module. The default implementation defined by the built-in type object calls object.

These represent the truth values False and True. Asynchronous context managers can be used in an async with statement. The barrier fully resets after each cycle.