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The problem with the world is that you should be proud of who you are without hating on others. But this is totally new to me, photos from the jews papers.

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For as much as I was born and raised in the Grace and Truth of Jesus Christ, they were given the same rearing in the vanity and falsehoods of satan. The real story of the so called Holocaust was the Zionist installment and financing of the Homo Hitler. The Holocaust, and the idea of genocide against the Jews, is the foundation upon which the Zionist State rests. They had no way to transport food or anything else.

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She was the only one of the family with whom Hitler has had any contact in later years. In one scene a Jewish women whispers to the interviewer that they have to keep pushing the Holocaust lie to manipulate guilt. Even though I had majored in German I never really thought much about the Holocaust until I got home that night. However some say it was between Karl Marx and his guide Baruch Levy.

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It is quite long but worth all the time to listen. If Jesus really could come back he would also say you are a disgrace and a fraud.

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Bismarck was in fact, since the beginnig a puppet of jews and was doing exactly what what expected from him. The members belonged to the wealthy and intellectual circles of Czernowitz society. Among them were Field Marshal Erhard Milch and Helmut Wilberg, one of the fathers of the blitzkrieg method of warfare that helped Hitler conquer most of Europe. He does mention burning bodies in pits with petroleum. The majority of those who call themselves Christians in America are sold out to the anti-Christ agenda of international Jewry.

And the Jews lined up to meet their american heroes showing the tattoos they wore on the wrists, he took photos of that too. He believes the Holocaust fairy-tale, because he wants to. The answer is that Jewish bankers moved to Prussia with its capital of Pocztam. They represent cultural institutions and Universities, etc.