Proud To Be A Stoner

Yes i am, for the rest of my days. No, create an account now. Where nature's free do to her thing, everything is one if you know what i mean. What is there to take pride in smoking?

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Get all the leaders of the world together in a session. If thats real livin, its not for me, I wanna be free, and live in peace, come on. No one should be ashamed of what they do because some one told them it was bad.

Proud Stoner Finishes Last At Olympic Marathon Trials

In my sociology class I am the defender of weed, and have told many people truth about weed which is widely misunderstood. Yes i am, for the rest of my days Another version of life lived, a different set of meanings Another way of thinking, a different type of me. If people want to judge then go ahead. Lookin up to daddy x, tryin to do this rap thing. Never met a pothead willing to sell themselves for marijuana.

Im proud to smoke weed, and im proud of what we've done. Im proud of the kings, hd wallpaper for nokia c7 and im proud of everyone.

Big fires taking lifes, Its pure destruction. Where the snow melts and the rivers flow I just want to live my life. There are plenty of tweakers, coke whores and bottle rats ready to go that route though. Yea dude, im totally proud of smoking.

The female flowering plant. You sound so stupid that it must be hard for you to even figure out which way to wipe after taking a dump. The traffic, the smog and the pains of rent.

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Some rambling post with no structure or breaks. Smoking marijuana is just something I do. And her place looks neat and tidy.

Proud to be a Stoner

Of course I'm proud of it. Not saying that anybody here is like this, but many people when they think of stoners think of red eyes, slacker personality, hippies, etc, etc. Why would any one not be proud of being a stoner.

From the mountain tops, where the wind blows To the green valleys down below. Before theirs nothing left, We need to stop this regression. We will be persecuted, judged, and discriminated against, but we also have the power to make great strides in this war and put a stop to the ignorance. Don't get me wrong I'm not ashamed of it but it's just like meh.

Marijuana does indeed, flower. She is a loser clearly not even because she smokes pot but because she is acting like she thinks she looks cool.

Proud Stoner Finishes Last At Olympic Marathon Trials

At the harvest time, when the work is done. Well i belive in natures laws, and i just wanna be free.

It is a choice you make, and if you arn't proud of it, then why the hell do you do it? Music genres, Bands and Artists. Ever since I have started, I have been more tolerant, my temper has all but dissapeared, and it feels great to inform people of the truth about marijuana. Drunks are obnoxious, and smell pretty rank yourself! At first when I started to try it out it seemed like I was opened to a new, dangerous world that was breaking the law.


You have your liver wrecking, empty calorie booze. Like this girl, Elizabeth. Think of marijuana as flower, not a weed. That is, if you can get hard after looking at that mole up close.

The best part is I don't look or act anything like a stoner. You gotta disconnect, from all the pressure and stress. Pulldown to refresh You can let go now Refreshing!