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Dating Across the Aisle in the Age of Trump

Sinclair was raised and lives in the Bible Belt, and she believes in treating others as people first before making an informed decision on whether to be friends, business associates, or intimate. She also lost some friendships because of her pro-Trump stance.

The last presidential election opened up a gaping wound in our country that has bitterly divided many friends, families and lovers. There are increasing reports of marriages and relationships on the verge of dissolution, or that have fallen part altogether, because of irreconcilable political differences.

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He felt that I was not truly liberal because I didn't respect viewpoints other than my own. Donnolo reports that their split was ultimately propelled by his anger management issues, and she realized they were not compatible. One man she dated tried to debate her about Trump every morning.

He was just so upset by my point of view that he just got up and left. Further, the toxicity of social media is agitating couples. We don't talk about that anymore. He was willing to listen to me. Their political differences certainly widened their growing divide.

Is It Possible to Date Across the Aisle in the Trump Era?

Even though I voted for Trump, morally you can't support everything this guy says. There are more fantasies about escapism than I have ever witnessed as a therapist. But she had no plans to let her date walk her home or invite him back. But she keeps her political angst in check with her husband.

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You just have to call him out on it. There are a lot more emotional affairs and infidelity. People are overworked, they're overstressed, they're worried about what's happening with their futures. She says that there were also concerns about how his rigidly conservative family might respond to her free-spirited nature, and they also had differing thoughts on kinkiness.

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Canales remarks that during the election things were harder than now. He was sexually open, and he was into meditation, crystals and reiki which, it turned out, helped him cope as a recovering alcoholic. But I basically tell people, look, I shouldn't be defined by my political beliefs.

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But her dating experiences have been varied. She notes that couples who have been married a long time are faring better than those who are currently dating or not very serious. Like any couple, speed dating royal rumble they had differences. He does say some stupid shit.