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The film ends with various improvements in society to eradicate bribery. They offer Kimtilal a fat bribe and enter an arrangement with him to pay him off regularly for all their needs. The love story in the film was refreshingly restrained and despite a love triangle, Vijay Anand never loaded the proceedings with melodrama. Sampath, however, stands fast on his notion of status, insults Kimtilal and leaves. Years later, Manmohan Desai and Farah Khan replicated the same formula in their films Naseeb and Om Shanti Om respectively and to good effect.

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Sach Hue Sapne Tere song lyrics from Kala Bazar sung by asha bhosle music directed by sachin dev burman composed by sachin dev burman and lyrics written by shailendra shankardas kesarilal. Suraj Ke Jaisi Golaai song lyrics from Kala Bazar sung by mohammed rafi composed by sachin dev burman and lyrics written by shailendra shankardas kesarilal. For the film starring Dev Anand, see Kala Bazar. We have Biggest Collection of Hindi Songs Lyrics, so you can search your favorite songs lyrics by movies names, by artist names, milan stankovic by music directors and lyricists. Latest Hindi Songs Lyrics.

The superintendent of the office, Thakur, gets a telephone call from the industrialist Ranbir Gupta. For the first time in their lifelong friendship, Vijay asks why Kamal had such a different upbringing, culminating in admission to the police academy when Vijay clearly had better academic records. Dev Anand's repentance for his misdeeds and the way he convinces his gang to give up the wrong path is very interestingly portrayed. The latter is delighted, and Alka tells him to come in the evening to talk to her parents. Film was moderate box office success.

The soundtrack had everything from love songs to a bhajan to a Helen cabaret number. The director had a very matured and progressive outlook towards relationships. Burman Films directed by Vijay Anand Films featuring an item number. The system is slow, overcrowded and unresponsive or unavailable to aam aadmi common man.

The film introduces the new clerk, Kimtilal Saxena Kadar Khan. When he left Alka in Ooty, he promised that he would never do anything bad. Meanwhile, Vijay discovers that Kimtilal was the man who framed his father. This article does not cite any sources. The next day, Ganesh agrees to work for Raghu.

However, everything goes awry when she learns that Nand has returned. This officer is killed by Jagan. This has a great impact on Raghu and he gets attracted towards Alka, who is standing nearby and watching.

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Girdharilal further threatens to expose Kimtilal, Thakur and anyone else. Kimtilal, at the urging of Thakur and others, arranges to frame Girdharilal of taking a bribe. All that taken care of, he sets out to romance Alka, but she resists and turns away his love when she lies that she is engaged to Nand.

So, when Nand gets a scholarship and travels overseas, Alka's parents decide to take her to Ooty to take her mind off Nand. Suraj Ke Jaisi Golaai Lyrics. This incident stirs trouble between Vijay and Kamal.

Nanda played a supporting part as Dev Anand's sister and was decent. She was in love with her boyfriend, Nandkumar Chattopadhyay Vijay Anand who promises her not to do it again. Kimtilal denies the allegations. Burman composed the music, while the lyrics were penned by Shailendra. But for that, he needs capital to start with.

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He stops the permits for Nirmal building. Chand Khula Aasman Lyrics. Evidence in the form of an inadvertent taped conversation between the tea boy Kutti and Kimtilal reaches Kamal and Kamal now arrives home to arrest Kimtilal. Now free to profess her love for Raghu, Alka goes to his house, only to learn that he has been arrested for black marketing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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It might appear rather funny today, but back then it was Dev Anand's patented dancing style which he continued for years to come. Chand Khula Aasman song lyrics from Kala Bazar sung by mohammed rafi music directed by sachin dev burman composed by sachin dev burman and lyrics written by shailendra shankardas kesarilal. It neither glorifies or glamourizes Raghuvir's black-marketing nor does it ignores his remorse. Heartbroken, Raghu returns to Bombay to continue his business, but his love for Alka has changed him.

We note that Girdharilal has remained clean over the years. Na Main Dhan Chaahun Lyrics. Alka, meanwhile, also falls for Raghu, but hesitates to tell him. Kimtilal is not surprised, he had arranged to pay off the admissions board.

Sambhaalo Sambhaalo Lyrics. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unable to bear the shame of an arrest, Girdharilal commits suicide.

Things change when a group of students buy movie tickets from him. Through black marketing outside cinema-halls of Mumbai, the film captures the glory of good old movie theatres of the city, some of which like Liberty and Metro exist even today. Never miss latest songs lyrics update.