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Surely this would only backfire! And here I thought that was the whole point. You think Weasel could keep his mouth shut on that subject anyway? Lily and James Potter We all want to know where it all began reddit.

Malfoy said much the same thing. Lucius Malfoy Edit Lucius is not somebody that Hermione could say that she gets on with.

The war is over, but the separation is vast. It's up to me to pull my family out of this, I can't just turn down the best idea Dumbledore's had. Hagrid and McGonagall Is there sexual tension between these two? While a close friendship is hinted at, fans have always been eager to see the pair end up together.

Many fans have created an alternative world, where the couple were together. So there we go, the ten couples we love from fan fiction, which are your favourites? The look of realizing something he should have already known. When Draco sees him he is shaking his head.

Dean and Seamus leave the room laughing at Ron's distress. Your review has been posted.

He is the man responsible for attempting to split Draco and his wife apart, something that neither Hermione or her husband take kindly to. Chuckling, Dumbledore stood up. Ron sits down on the floor where he stood and just looks at Harry with disbelief.

In spite of herself, Hermione was intrigued by the picture he painted. Hermione saw McGonagall as a role-model, and has inherited the no-nonsense strategy that her Transfiguration professor had adopted. So how's your dating life?

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Minerva saw Hermione as the perfect student and expected great things from her, and was happy to leave her occupation to Hermione in her will, feeling that she was the perfect woman for the job. Minerva McGonagall Edit Whilst Hermione was a student, there was always a certain bond between the two females. The death eaters have been destroyed, Hermione, universul intro coaja de nuca online dating it is our job to make sure the next generation does not recreate them.

We have sex once in awhile, that's all. However, the two of them have worked to try and keep their marriage in one piece, a task made more difficult by the shadow of Draco's father. Some fans think there is Tumblr Moving slightly away from the more obvious couplings, some fans want burly half-giant Hagrid to find love with Professor McGonagall.

He feels even more strongly about me, I assure you. Which ones would you liked to have seen? Go in there and tell Dumbledore you don't want to. Whether anyone likes it or not, Lucius is her father-in-law.

Anything that is not consistent with the books, you'll have to excuse because I have not read them. Think about how powerful we could be as a team, Granger.

He tried to hide the hurt but Harry saw it. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.