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Geek guide to dating eric smith pdf merge, the Geek's Guide To Dating with author Eric Smith

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Most of it was good, I think. The book itself is aesthetically pleasing.

The Geek's Guide to Dating by Eric Smith

If I mention I read comics, the assumption is usually that it's either Wonder Woman or manga love stories.

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Fundamentally, the book's title is where my problems with it start. My feminine sensibilities do not make me immediately adverse to Star Wars bedsheets. But those are small things. You can't imagine my jubilance!

Again, the idea of a female geek is being ignored. Don't force it into geek male dating non-geek female.

It has some good tips for everyone wanting some help with relationships in general. So, this was fun to read, as long as I ignored the fact that it was geared towards male geeks, and appeared to suppose a heteronormative reality. More details on actually asking someone out.

Moreover, even if the book focused on the guy's point of view, the book description makes clear that this is about dating a non-geek. Frankly, the perils of inter-geek dating are far more interesting. How would I connect with a console or Internet-gaming geek whose only comic interests are mecha manga? And, possibly, dont bother telling me who my ex is now dating filing bookworm geek under popular culture and not academia.

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The book's description is clearly for the male geek only, and this all to common focus just brought up so many connections to how my geekiness is not relevant simply due to my gender. The illustrations are gorgeous. It had a disclaimer about one of those two things. Maybe I shouldn't be so preemptively judgmental, however.

That being said, I have noticed that the book is available at my local library, so I'll give it a grab after the holidays. That's really all that matters. There weren't many times when it supposed a negative stereotype to be true- it wasn't condescending- and it was well-written. Yet, I feel persnickety to ask why couldn't the book be written from that view. As of the time of this posting, I still have not read this book.

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