Doreen Virtue

The angelic persona was a fit when she was not grounded and spent more time out of her body communing with angels and other spirits. As she got more in touch with her body, the planet and, the creatures of the earth she got more grounded and more present in her body. If she is married to Michael, in Gods eyes it is still Adultery! Only so much energy we can Take. Scientists and physicians that have brought health and wonderful inventions to the world.

And, I too, am looking at some previous religious roots, I have as well. The challenge in being a public figure is that everyone wants you to be their mascot, and I think Doreen has definitely experienced that.

Being psychic and believing in Jesus and the bible are not mutually exclusive. Its like no one knows how to recognize boundaries anymore or when its time to move on from something and law of attraction is used to try to force. Since the time I started watching tarot readings on you tube and getting into The Law Of attraction or Universe what ever you want to call it the New age stuff I started feeling a way. May we all find a path that our soul resonates with deeply. Cards give can give immediate, dynamic, graphic and verifiable results!

What Happened to Doreen Virtue

Doreen virtue

Virtue was exposed by her former student Lisa Eddy for having had started the Church of Divine Guidance formally in Hawaii. What happened to Doreen Virtue? This whole Doreen Virtue thing is strange. As you said, nvidia geforce 8400 gs software more grounded. It is the meek not the weak who will inherit the earth.

So I am happy to read that she no longer uses these cards and I will be getting rid of this deck I have in my house as well. The books and cards are not right or wrong. Far from being the work of the devil, these were gifts from God that we can use to communicate as spirit and to receive guidance. How do you want to use the tool?

That some sheep walk in wolf clothes. The number could be higher if there are some already out of print.

What Happened To Doreen Virtue Angel Cards And Christianity

For light or dark purposes? Where are those innocent creatures now and what happened to them? Anyway, a few sites later I ended up here reading your article. But she looks grey as she is covered in foreign energy such as expectations and judgment from others. Still the use of those type of words with the Christian Church is considered sacrilege to their way of thinking.

You are powerful beyond belief not weak and vulnerable. But could it be she was moving toward her new public persona all along?

She had done some earlier work collaborating on the audio version of The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord.

Doreen virtue

Praying is communication with God. Thankfully, hell is the fear and negative based realty we can experience here. Hello, I agree permission must always be received before performing healing work. The ones who look the most sincere are the ones you are well advised to skip over.

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Doreen embraced the New Age cult only to become a victim of cultism involving herself with consequences affecting her ego-self. Doreen has successfully proven that she was a complete fraud all along. So whatever Doreen wishes to do is not my business.

Change-growth-evolution-expansion-more are the mantras of the Universe. Good friends that we look up to. But you must be blameless before the Lord your God.

Doreen virtue

This is an amazing work and brings so much light into my heart. Sad when the truth is easy to find.

This gave our Lord what we would call telekinetic ability to interact with the Light or Holy Spirit of God regarding the miracles He did on the Earth. She provides many messages that she channels with the angels.

Doreen virtue

Sometimes experienceing something old as new again is a means to breakthrough certain veils. It might stimulate a rush on her old products before they are no longer available. Lose the things which are unhappy within and then you find happiness. Anyway to be very Honest with you I think she stopped using these cards cause like all tarot they are Evil. It states she communicated with Jesus about how he studied how to heal.

So I set out to investigate. The main vibration changes from blue to yellow. Those that teach us what it means to be a spirit living in a human body and expressing it.

Once again, thank you for a very thoughtful article. Even if she married after being saved, like the biblical story of the woman at the well married five times, she told her to stop sinning.

She had been using them as a proxy for communicating directly with God and she had realized this was not correct for her. Wh did that part of her work suddenly go black ops? She becomes a limited commodity. Also appreciated response from Kevin Montague. When you know what I know, you will read the Bible in a whole grand different way versus how the living read the book.