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The groundwater level in the dike body was slowly raised and the filling of the water basin behind the levee was carried out over time. This part of the dike was constructed with a sand core and an outer cover layer of clay. It can occur when a high water level pushes against the embankment.

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It is currently the biggest athletics stadium in Poland. The government is making a tremendous effort to search for innovations that will allow for the necessary cost saving.

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Bacacier is constantly innovating its product range to bring the best steel solutions to its customers. The new two-span bridge has two separated decks for each traffic direction. The stadium features a translucent fixed roof and five meter-tall pivoting glass doors, which serve as a grand entrance to the facility and let in ample amounts of natural light. ArcelorMittal steel in an environmentally-friendly construction.

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Over time, the steel surface develops a beautiful purplish brown patina which acts as a protective armour for the steel. Steel-making slag is a by-product of the steel production and often used in civil engineering to consolidate embankments. Our sheet piles solution is quick to install, even in hard soil conditions.

The Netherlands is a low-lying country protected from the sea by dikes and dunes. This test was a combination of the above-mentioned tests and was the main test of the research. To tackle this issue, construction companies use concrete elements. Resources used in construction usually function in a linear form. Macro-instability is one of the most common causes.

With an eye on constant innovation, Bacacier is always looking for new aesthetic steel solutions to enhance its range of products. The beams, like most of our steel beams used in bridge construction, were made of scrap. When the foundations of the building are completed, the building is already partially built, resulting in reduced construction time for the contractor. Managing the negative temperatures is a real challenge in the construction industry in Scandinavia. This causes saturation of the soil and loss of stability resulting in large parts of the dike body sliding away.

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This once again demonstrates the sustainability of steel, which can be recycled infinitely many times while retaining its properties. Grand Line exports to every region of the country as well as to Belorussia, Kazakhstan, and Latvia.