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Mandarin or Putonghua It refers to the spoken form of Chinese. However, because the written Chinese form is the same, a Chinese has no problem in reading an article from different provinces.

It means a sound in different tone levels, means different characters and have different meanings. Putonghua and Mandarin are the same.

Yale romanization of Cantonese

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Also it is adopted by some other language institutes. It isn't like the spoken form, it is the same in different parts of China.

It also means the use of English letters to stand for Chinese syllables. Basically the two forms are quite similar, after one has learned one form, it's quite easy for one to learn the other. As you can imagine, there are a limited number of single syllables that people can pronounce. In Chinese, different provinces have their own different spoken form.

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Yale romanization – Pronouncer

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Simplified strokes are mainly used in mainland China only. It means how people speak and how people write. Therefore, people add the characteristic of tones to the syllable to increase the number of distinguishable syllables. Other places like Hong Kong, Taiwan and south east Asia Chinese still use the traditional one, the complicated one. It means each character only consists of one syllable.

In Hong Kong, it is the most common adopted system by institutes that provide Cantonese courses for foreigners. Pinyin Romanization is the use of English letters to stand for Chinese syllables - it actually maybe Cantonese, sites for dating profile samples Putonghua or other Chinese spoken languages.

Therefore, maybe they do not understand each other even they are both Chinese. Mandarin or Putonghua is the one mainly used in Northern part of China, and it is also the official language in China. Of course there may be some slang words which take specific meanings and may not be understood by other Chinese who are not from the same area. The Chinese government found that the traditional strokes are too complicated and so it developed a system to simplify the strokes. It means, different characters with different meanings may share exactly the same sound.

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Even though Cantonese add the variety of tones to a sound, the number of syllables is still much less than the number of written characters we use. Tonal language Cantonese is a tonal language in which the pitch or the pitch pattern of a syllable is crucial to the identity of a syllable. Monosyllabic language Cantonese is a monosyllabic language. As a general term, it's a Chinese saying of romanization. As a proper noun, it's the name of the romanization system for Putonghua in China.