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But as the tournament progresses, Gingka learns Tsubasa is hiding more secrets than he expected. Everyone has gained points apart from Gingka who is only off. However, a bear is tackling him and both are more or less wrestling, since Ryo simply smiles at his son, as if there was nothing wrong with the situation. Kenta, whilst competing in a tournament, meets Sora, an impatient battler with amazing skills. Everybody is overwhelmed by all of this.

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If Kyoya loses a battle against him then he must go with him. Ryuga steps onto his rock, bends down, and rips off his Pegasus bandana, which he uses to clean his new Bey.

Gingka has run away, possibly to his home town. The man's name is Hyoma, whom Kyoya has his doubts about. Benkei yells at them before they got to talk further, so they hurry outside, once again in a comical way.

Hikaru accepts Benkei's offer, but Gingka is sick and so Kenta battles in his place, unbeknown to Hikaru. He would like to have a match with him because he thinks he stands a better chance now that he slightly improved his bey.

Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article. But without warning, the sneaky Tetsuya steals Gingka's point counter. Suddenly, they all spot a conspicuous-looking helicopter bearing the seal of Gingka's sworn enemy, the Dark Nebula, led by Doji. After a switch in the pairings, Kyoya is now battling Benkei, much to Tsubasa's delight as he now is battling Ryuga.

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Meanwhile Gingka, en route to Koma Village, meets an old friend. Then he explains to everyone about why he hid his identity, starting with the origin of beys, starting with Pegasus and L-Drago. After Tsubasa is easily defeated by Phoenix, Gingka is also challenged. Gingka prepares to battle Reji who is stronger than in his first two battles.

Meanwhile Tsubasa considers taking Ryuga on himself in order to stop Kyoya from having to battle him, but Kyoya stops him. Kyoya, leader of the Face Hunters, has challenged Gingka. Tobio had an early advantage, but in the end Gingka triumphs with his special move. Gingka, Kyoya, Yu and Madoka are the final four left in the survival battle. Hokuto tells them Gingka is climbing Mt.

Angered by this, Madoka sets off to find him with Gingka and Kenta in pursuit. While Ryo tries to stop him from leaving with Lightning L-Drago, Ryuga throws the bandana before him, yet Gingka's father is still unable to even pick it up. After the tournament, all the friends part ways.

Returning from Koma Village, Benkei and Kenta are furious with Madoka when she experiments with their beys without telling them. The others send Gingka on ahead whilst they distract Tsubasa, but this turns out to be what he wants.

Gingka appears and puts out the fire with Storm Bringer and tells Sora to finish it. Two pieces of theme music were used for the opening and closing themes.

Finally, he decides to come down and make his presence known by yelling at Benkei not to eat his burger, which he takes back from him in a comical way. Then one of their number vanishes and it's up to Sora to win her back. Everyone is entering, even Hyoma, Hikaru and Madoka. Storm Pegasus finishes its path by going up into the sky and, coincidentally, the Pegasus constellation becomes more visible.

This Beyblade series features a complete new set of characters, and a new story. At first, L-Drago's power seems to be too much for the white-haired BeyBlader to handle, 3d plants dwg but he soon gets addicted to its immense power. Ginga worries about the match between him and Kyoya and if he should give his beyblade Pegasus to Madoka for repair.

Unfortunately, there is no way Ryo could jump to safety, so all he does is send Storm Pegasus to Gingka, officially giving it to him. But as the battle goes on, Yu reveals himself to be the one who has knocked many of the competitors out of the competition with ease, and refuses to be taken down. Upset at the fate of his friends, Gingka goes alone to the final battle. Unknown to them, Gingka listens to their conversation from the top of the stairs.

He shoots it onto one of the high rocks that slightly pave the lava underneath them. Phoenix appears to protect Kenta and Hyoma, beating Doji. This fractures L-Drago, and is so powerful that both Bladers lose their balance and fall to the ground from feet up.

Doji gives Benkei a new bey, Dark Bull, with which he can defeat Gingka. However, they had fun battling, and Ryo reminds his son that this is all that matters in a match. Ryo gives Storm Pegasus to Gingka while he uses a random Bey, yet he still wins the game. Hikaru Hasama, a strong blader from afar, arrives in town and is asked by Benkei to defeat Gingka. Four matches are going on in the tournament.

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