Two people, well met, who happened to have an age gap. That doesnt really have anything to do with age. Your happiness comes before anthing else and ignore what people say or think. Should me and this guy keep being friends?

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There are lots of advantages to dating a grownup. Or you could realize you're being ridiculous and ask this one out now. You seem to think that she likes you, but do you like her? The women I have dated recently, on-line dating australia I have found no interest other than thier appearance.

  1. But you should not be using the identity of the person you date as a status symbol because it's repulsive.
  2. Also, I'd just like to request that you and society as a whole work super-hard to unpack yourselves of this notion.
  3. If it's working for you then that's all there is to the matter.
  4. Put another way, do you really want the respect of men who think this way about women?

If you're ashamed of her or of yourself because of her age, do her the favor of breaking things off so that she can find someone who is proud to be with her. If you think this way already, what you are going to think when it's time for your friends to meet your girlfriend? That age gap itself is fine. You should find someone who you truthfully see value in rather than someone close to your age and find nothing. Does that sound like any kind of healthy or happy way to approach a relationship?

From your descriptions, don't let the age pull you from following your heart. In other words, either a five year age difference between consenting adults is creepy or it isn't. So ask her out first, see how it goes, and don't overthink the age thing. All depends on your goals, dynamics and circumstances.

A 20 year old dating a 29 year old Wrong

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If I had a son that age would I be ok with him dating an older woman? If you want to date this woman, pursue that goal. Why don't you ask her our first and start dating and then see if you two are compatible?

You need to mature some more. If you're uncomfortable with the age difference, don't date this person. Older women tend to respect themselves more and have higher standards. It sounds from your question and followups that you're focusing on a lot of superficial externals about how it might affect you rather than the heart of the matter - what is she looking for in you?

What was important is the connection. The reasons it didn't work out had nothing to do with our age gap. The genders are, to me, irrelevant. And it wasn't because of our ages that it didn't work out. It didn't last, but he's still one of my favorite people in the world.


We made a great couple, and were together for years as well. My wife is five years older than me. Last summer I dated a woman who is nearly five years older than me.

  • We weren't a good match and one of the things that stuck out to me was the difference in maturity.
  • Thus, we only lasted a couple of months.
  • Should I be offended if someone says I look like Snooki?
  • Try not to worry about it so much.

10 Types of Year-Old Single Guys Wait But Why

Ask her out if you are ok with dating an older woman. We still root for each other. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? In both relationships, I very much felt we were equals.

I am 31 year old women dating a 21 yeard guy

When I got out and got my first internship, lahore dating website same deal. He's not concerned about the difference at all. Just go with wat u feel i think u know the answer from wat i read i think she is not ready to start over yet and settle down but be straight with her let her know wat u want then decide good luck.

A 20 year old dating a 29 year old Wrong

The age difference is perfectly acceptable, and i know plenty of successful couples with that type of age gap. Having a girlfriend who is a few years older than you says nothing about you, but worrying about it does. This relationship seems quite normal, to my eyes.

This is not enough data to say anything about you. You fall in love with whom you fall in love with. He recently asked me out and says he has feelings for me and loves everything about me. But again, I suppose it's because of the compatibility.

In other hand she say i had lots of man in my life and it is a bit hard to trust you but she said she love me and i help her to run out of her mental problem and i love her so much. It sounds like you don't respect this woman, or at least, the age difference is a deal breaker for you. My boyfriend is pressuring me to have sex?

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When she is not with me, she tell me she is athome or going out with her mom or sister or her cousin and. When you go into work tomorrow, dont pay more attention to him than usual. Maturity might be an issue, but you'll get that in any relationship, irrespective of the age difference. That said, while it's normal to worry about it briefly, if you stick with these concerns, hard it might mean that there are some lingering insecurities.

29 year old guy dating a 20 year old girl

Either you're into them or you're not. This does not seem to be the case here. Guys tend to not be as mature as women And to solve this, women date older men because it is as if they are on the same page. Can't believe we are engaged, but it's the most wonderful feeling ever and I know for sure I've made the best decision for myself. If you're thoughtful and mature and your are compatible, great, have a good time.

10 Types of 30-Year-Old Single Guys

But of course, I dominate to make many major decision, since he matures slower than me, so that he is depend on me. In that sense dating an older woman reflects well on you. And honestly, it's normal to freak out about this stuff even if you are super-enlightened. Also some days i have to stay with my family and some other stuff.

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You and I most likely have virtually identical life experiences and overall approaches to the world. As the bard said, love the one you're with. You aren't tripping, free dating site you're just thinking twice. This is only an issue if it's made into an issue.

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Do you think I should pursue further negiotiations? And he doesn't care about the age gap. She could be just what you're looking for and she could also want a serious relationship and not just sex. But please make sure she never sees this question or knows about your concerns because it would be really hurtful and if I were her it would be amble reason to not date you or to dump you if I was. Not even going to assume what's going on in the head of someone I know nothing about.

In all cases, it was two people being attracted to each other, not two numbers. Guy for a over a year, we talk all the time and get a long great. And maybe if I got to know them I would change my mind, but just from looking at them, I can appreciate a good looking year old, but I am just not attracted to them. If she doesn't know, I suggest you tell her.

She, on the other hand, never seemed to get over the age gap. If you could see your way clear. So yes, these are typical causes of failed relationships which could happen at any age! Do not let people like this drag you down to their level.

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