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Their best option got taken while they were hanging out at the big dance. She really thought they were getting back together and now they are barely speaking.

But, Selena and Zedd eventually broke up so that she could get back together with Justin for the umpteenth time, and SelGo was sure that this time was the real deal. But is Justin finally going to get a dose of his own medicine and get his heart broken by Ariana Grande? It sounds like the tables have finally turned on him, and he is getting a dose of his own medicine from Ariana Grande. Selena and Ariana have a lot of mutual friends in the business, and she knows how Ariana operates. But, Ariana Grande is different.

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Justin Bieber is reportedly falling hard for Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez is the last thing on his mind right now. So, irish twins age difference in dating do you think that a sensationalized relationship with Justin Bieber will help Ariana sell more albums? Do you think that Selena made a huge mistake breaking up with Zedd to get back together with Justin?

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, engaged after a tidy eight weeks. Image credit to FameFlynet. Their best partner already left.

Waiting, somewhat, translates into stability. The most quintessential millennial, Lena Dunham, is the perfect example of this.

Every time you come up for air after another failed multiyear relationship, the dating pool is even more shallow than when you left it. Is there a chance she actually cares about Biebs, or is she just using him like she did Big Sean to boost her career? When you waste time with the duds, the good ones get away. But, after hooking up with rapper Big Sean, more artists began to take her seriously and rap fans began to take notice of her too. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are betrothed after a two-month courtship.

And fast engagements undoubtedly earn publicity for celebrities. Instagram Furthermore, giving relationships a long test drive before tying the knot often makes it harder to break up with that imperfect partner down the road. But, even so, this kind of decisiveness is exactly what millions of millennials need more of.

Fewer millennials are marrying, and the ones who are do it much later than their older cohorts. Some people are undoubtedly staying in the dance so long that the options for where to sit get thinner over time.